the Harris Bridge - Photos by: Paul Deatherage

County: Benton

Stream: Marys River

Latitude: 4434'48.2"N Longitude: 12327'37.1"W

Truss Type: Howe

Bridge Length (ft): 75

Year Built: 1936 *1929

World Guide Number: 37-02-04

The Harris Bridge was built by H. W. Fiedler to replace a covered bridge at the same site.

Although Benton County records show 1936 as the construction date, some locals claim the span may have been built in 1929.

The Harris Bridge retains its rounded portal design and other features include narrow windows below the roofline to light the bridge interior and longitudinal deck planks.

The siding is board and batten style, and the roof is shingled.

Harris has been a community since 1890, bearing the name of a pioneer landowner. When the post office was established, residents petitioned for the name of Harris, but postal authorities feared confusion might develop with nearby Harrisburg.

The town was known as Elam, for Mrs. Gladys Elam, but the name of the community was later changed to Harris.

HOW TO GET THERE: From Corvallis take Highway 20 through Philomath to Wren. Exit the highway, turn right twice to head back under the highway (veering) to the right at the "Y". Continue to travel west on Harris Road for approximately 2.5 miles.

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